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Fitting Interlocking Glueless Wood Flooring |


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Fitting Interlocking Glueless Wood Flooring

Tips on fitting Interlocking Flooring All our floors are despatched with full step by step DIY instructions. However, the points below will ensure that you order everything required to achieve a professional result.

In the case of solid (e.g. concrete,terazzo, bitumen etc.) sub-floors always lay a PVC moisture barrier or a combined underlay and damp screenover the entire area extending up the walls by 10mm.

If your floor is slightly uneven,or if you want to reduce sound your through your floor, a sound insulation board can be laid. Your Uniclic underlay should then be fitted over the boarding.

A Fitting Kit with rebated block, pulling iron and spacers is essential for installing your floor correctly and without damage.
The only other tools required are hammer, fine toothed saw or jigsaw and a drill.It is always necessary to leave a gap around the perimeters for expansions when fitting a floating floor.
Once the floor has been installed,a hardwood or laminate skirting board available in white and most wood shades can be fitted with a mastic adhesive.

If you are keeping existing skirting boards,laminate scotia moulding, available in most wood shades, can be pinned or bonded to skirting boards to cover the gap neatly. PVC Radiator Pipe Clips can be fitted around radiator pipes to neatly hide the expansion gap.

Jointing T Profiles and transition profiles can be used to neatly finish your floor at thresholds.

When finishing a floor up to patio doorways or marble hearths, where it would be impractical to fit skirting board or Scotia moulding, a 'Flat Edge Profile' can neatly hide the expansion gap.

Colorseal silicone sealant in white and most wood shades can neatly fill all gaps between floor and mouldings, around columns or rough stone hearths.

If you are installing Uniclic in a kitchen or utility room,remember to order an appliance tray to protect your floor from drips from washing machines,dish washers etc.

A 'Quick-Step Cleaning Kit' is the easiest most efficient way to clean your new floor