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Heating For Wood Or Tiled Flooring - Damp Screen DPM 25m² Sheet

£0.61 m² + V.A.T.

An efficient moisture barrier on ground floor sub-floors even if they are wooden will prevent cupping or distortion of the wood flooring due to moist updraughts.

  • Suitable for use over Thermatec heating element

  • 60g Gauge suitable for all makes of wood floor.

  • 5m width will fit most rooms without seams.

  • Joints can be effectively sealed with our foil tape.

  • Pack Size 25m2 (4m x 5.25m)

  • Our price only £15.41

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25m² 10

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Damp Screen DPM 25m² SheetDamp Screen DPM 25m² SheetDamp Screen DPM 25m² Sheet