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Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains - F.S. Aqua Parquet Wood Floor Lacquer

£14.40 each + V.A.T.

A single component acrylate polyurethane water based sealer for wood flooring. Easily applied with professional results and a fast drying time.

  • Provides a transparent sealed surface that is resistant to staining and moisture ingress.
  • Deepens the natural grain structure of the wood, extremely resistant to household chemicals and very hard wearing.
  • Drying time of about 45 minutes (at 65% relative humidity and a room temperature of 20°C)
  • The floor can be re-coated after only 5 hours. Two coats are recommended for moderate residential traffic and three coats for commercial applications.
  • 1 Litre enough for 1 coats on a floor area approximately 10 sq mtrs (minimum of 2 coats recommended)
  • Our price only £14.40 per 1 Ltr + v.a.t.
  • Our price only £65.41 per 5 Ltr + v.a.t.

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5 Litres 5

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F.S. Aqua Parquet Wood Floor Lacquer