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Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains - F.S. Hardwax

£25.60 each + V.A.T.

  • A natural sheen is easily applied to your wood flooring. Contains beeswax carnauba and other natural waxes in pure turpentine.
  • The wax hardens within around one hour and worn areas can easily be re-treated without the need for re-sanding.
  • Apply with extra fine wire wool and buff up to a shine with a 'Floorboy' polishing machine or a coarse cloth.
  • Coverage 40 sq mtrs per Kg. 2 coats required for best performance. Ground floor or heavily trafficked rooms should first be waterproofed with Floor Service PU Impregnator to prevent staining and moisture ingress.

  • Our price only £25.60 per 2 Kg + v.a.t.

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F.S. Hardwax