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Oil Care For Oiled Wood Flooring | Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains |


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Wood Floor Lacquers, Oil, Wax & Stains - Oil Care For Oiled Wood Flooring

£13.90 each + V.A.T.

Essential for the maintenance of all oiled floor surfaces as most prefinished oil floors require an initial coat Oil Care to enhance the protection of the floor. Frequency of application depends on use and the relative humidity of the room. However to keep your floor in top condition, apply at least once a year.

  • Oil care is resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices and water.
  • Non toxic, contains alphatic hydrocarbons, colophony, castoroil, silicis acids, microwax silicate pigments, bentonite, cobalt and zirconium with zinc and manganese octoate as drying agents.
  • Drying time 6-12 hours depending on local conditions.
  • Clean the floor first with a soapy Parquet Cleaner to avoid trapping dirt in the finish. Easily applied with an Oil Applicator Mop.
  • Coverage 1L -70 sq mtrs.

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Oil Care For Oiled Wood Flooring