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Overmat Floorboy XL300 | Cleaning Mops, Kits and Tools |


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Cleaning Mops, Kits and Tools - Overmat Floorboy XL300

£255.12 each + V.A.T.

An economicaly priced heavy duty single disc
polishing machine for wood flooring.

Can be used for periodic deep thorough cleaning of wood flooring, particularly parquet variants.

An easy and safe way to maintain a wood floor without excessive moisture.

A spray maintainer such as Blanchon Lagoon can be used together with a white scotchbtite pad to give a reflective sheen to the wood surface.

  • Use white pad for polishing and general maintenance. Red pad for applying floor oils and black pad for abrasion.

  • Technical Specification

    Voltage: 230v, 50hz, 1400rpm
    Revolutions: 150rpm
    Polishing Discs: 300mm
    Weight: 13.90kg

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Overmat Floorboy XL300Overmat Floorboy XL300