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Adhesives - P131 Styccobond Primer/Sealer From F Ball & Co

£7.45 1 Ltr + V.A.T.

An easily applied and economicaly priced general purpose primer from F Ball & Co Ltd. Ensures correct coverages of adhesives and gives a better bond and open time.

  • Diluted 1- 4 with clean fresh water. Therefore 1 litre of primer when diluted will treat an area approximately 20-25 m2 depending on the porosity of the sub-floor.
  • Will accomodate expansion and contraction of the wood flooring.
  • Available in 1 Litre or 5 Litre bottles
  • The greenish tint gives good visual evidence of coating
  • Our price only £7.92 per 1 Ltr or £36.11 per 5 Ltr + v.a.t

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1 Ltrs 2
5 Ltrs 1

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P131 Styccobond Primer/Sealer From F Ball & Co