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Hardwood Skirting Boards & Mouldings - Solid Walnut Profiles

£17.98 .90m + V.A.T.

Ideal for giving a professional finish to a walnut floor. Made from solid American black walnut. Supplied pre-sanded unfinished ready for applying oil or polyurethane finish.

  • Solid walnut 'T' profiles are for jointing two hard floors of equal thickness and covering the recommended expansion gap. They are 58mm width and will fit floors 14mm-20mm Available in 0.90m or 1.50m lengths and include pvc fixing channel

  • Solid walnut finishing profiles are for ramping down the wood flooring to a thinner floor finish such as carpeting or tiles. They are 55mm width and will ramp 14-18mm wood floors down to 10mm Available in 0.90m or 1.50m lengths

  • Solid walnut flat edging can be used for finishing 14-20mm floors up to patio doorways, french doors, fireplace hearths and matwells.
    Easily fitted with the (supplied) pvc fixing channel.30mm overall width and will incorporate a 17mm expansion gap Made to fit floor thickness of 15mm -18mm. Supplied in lengths of 2.10m (maximum length for delivery is 1.50m)

  • Solid walnut bull nosing is normally bonded or screwed and plugged into the step edge. 60mm overall width which gives a 35mm overhang and available in .90 or 1.50m lengths.

  • Solid walnut slimline nosings 18mm thickness and grooved to fit the tongues of our Cheville or Dubove engineered flooring.30mm width and available in .90 or 1.50m lengths

  • Solid walnut radiator ferrules for standard 15mm pipes. Laser cut in two halves for glueless installation 46mm outer width.


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Size Quantity
Jointing T 0.90m 75
Jointing T 1.50m 75
Fin. Ramp 0.90m 97
Fin. Ramp 1.50m 97
Flat Edge 2.10m 0
Slim Nosing 0.90m 0
Slim Nosing 1.50m 0
Bull Nosing 0.90m 0
Bull Nosing 1.50m 0

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Solid Walnut ProfilesSolid Walnut ProfilesSolid Walnut Profiles