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Heating For Wood Or Tiled Flooring - West Humidity Dial

£3.94 m² + V.A.T.

A basic and simple room humidity dial that indicates the moisture content in the air.Too much humidity will cause warping and cupping to your wood flooring. Too little humidity will cause splitting and shrinkage

  • Versatile design allows for use anywhere. It will hang on a wall, or stand on any flat surface.
  • The easy to read scale shows the percentage of moisture in air (relative humidity) The ideal room humidity is betwen 40& and 70%
  • Imperative when using underfloor heating beneath a wooden floor as this will have a constant drying effect on the wood
  • For accurate readings, it is best to position the instrument out of strong sunlight and away from draughts.
  • Our Price only £3.94 + v.a.t.

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West Humidity DialWest Humidity Dial